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JAMIA HAIDRIA FAZL-UL-ULOOM JALALPUR SHARIF Allah-ho-Akbar ... Subhan Allah ... Al-hamdulillah ... Ya Rasool-al-Allah
In the name of Allah, The Most Compassonate, The Most Merciful.

Jalal Pur Sharif is a piece of land situated in districts Jhelum which has got the honour of being dwelling and tomb of Hazrat Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz Pir Syed Ghulam Haider Ali Shah Bad shah. This town is situated among the beautiful mountains and meadows on the bank of river Jhelum. This town is not only the home of "Marfat" and spirituality but it has also the center of Religious knowledge that is J.H.F.U. Thus God has bestowed upon this piece of land with the natural beauty, the wealth of spirituality, "Marfat" and also Modern education.

J.H.F.U. had come into existence the day when Aala Hazrat Jalal Puri, after getting the light of "Marfat" from Pir Shamsud-Din Sialvi made Jalal Pur Sharif his dwelling. Then his the great grand son Amir-i-Hizb-ul-allah Pir Syed Muhammad Fazal Shah Bad Shah with his revolutionary and movementary passion powered in the Muslims the great keen for "Jihad" and its result was the creation of Pakistan. He did not ignore the educational aspects of Muslim nation. In 1970, Amir-i-Hizb-ul-allah Saani Pir Syed Barkat Ahmad Shah Bad shah arranged to settle the first stone by Khawaja Khan Muhammad Tonsvi.

In 1978, he held the opening ceremony of Jamia Haidria in the presence of great personalities of Islam like Moulana Shah Ahmad Noorani, Moulana Abdus Sattar Khan Niazi and Justice Pir Muhammad Karam Shah Al-Azhari. In this way, this institution has been serving religiously according to old Dars-i-Nizami course since 1995. After Pir Syed Barkat Ahmad Shah Bad shah sahib passed away, his sons Syed Muhammad Anees Haider and Pir Syed Muhammad Tanvir Haider Madni have got a will to run the institution on modern lines.


When Muslim rule of 1000 year over sub-continent came to an end, the Muslim scholars considered that the main reason of this fall was ignorance from Islamic education and knowledge. That is why Allama Muhammad Iqbal urged the nation to be in contact with the Islamic education and to get new (modern) knowledge. This new educational system supported the nation to some extent but it was necessary that these must be an educational system which should flourish our youth with knowledge and art but it should also create the sincerity and sacrifice of Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A), deep sight and stability of Hazrat Umar (R.A) modesty of Hazrat Usman (R.A) bravery and knowledge of Hazrat Ali (R.A) in then. The main purposes of this institution were to make the Muslims able to serve country and nation after getting Modern education and Islamic soul from it.

Curriculam of JHFU

J.H.F.U has formed the syllabus on modern lines for the execution of aims. Now students are provided by the education which covers the following:

Arabic Grammar, Syntax (Nahv),
Literature, Fiqh,
Principles of Fiqh,
Cantillation (Tajweed), Logic,
Tasawwuf, Tafsir and Apostolic traditions (Hadith)
Metric, F.A, B.A, and M.A.

Students are also provided an updated computer lab which they can gain basic knowledge of computer and valuable skills.

Graduated from Jamia can join the line of teaching and other practical aspects of life. They can do their M. Phil and PHD on the basis of this education. Where graduated of this institution will have full subtlety in Arabic, Persian and Islamic knowledge, at the same time they willhave their full grip over English and Modern branches of knowledge; but a muslim carrying only knowledge of books is nothing but a soulless dead body. This soulless body can get its soul and food from the center of mysticism only. The practical education of mysticism makes him a character full Muslim. If Muslim nation is in right order and living till this present day this is because of Mysticism. As Prof H.R. Gab admitted that "It happened many times in Islamic History that Islamic culture was attacked furiously but it could not be dominated. Its main reason is that Mystic's great thinkings came to their help. It provided them enough force and energy that no power could face them.

J.H.F.U is getting spiritual guidance from Pir Syed Muhammad Tanvir Haider Shah Sahib Madni. Insha-Allah (if Allah wills)time will come when the students of Jamia Haidria Fazlul-aloom Jalalpur Sharif will be able to enlight the world with the light of knowledge.

Criteria for Admission and Requirements:

1. The admission process starts right after the announcement of result of middle.

2. Applicant must have finished elementary level of (Grade 8) education.

3. Applicant will be tested in Islamic Studies, Urdu and English prior to the admission and selection will be made on the basis of his academic achievement.

4. High school graduated with 1st division and Huffaz-e-Quraan applicant will be given priority for the selection.

5. It must be declared and verified by the father or guardian that applicant will remain in JHFU until he has finished the curriculum (M.A)

6. The maximum age limit for admission is nineteen.

7. Applicant must submit the following documents at the time of application:

* The entire academic credentials (transcripts, result cards, indicating courses completed to date Characteristic Certificate
* Attested photo copy of National Identity Card of applicant’s father or guardian.
* Applicant’s four updated pictures.
* Applicant has be physically healthy and must have ability and passion to learn.

Note: Normally, there is no admission process during the year other than the period mentioned above.